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Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls (Volara)

The tiny closed cell structure and exterior skin make this an extremely useful and durable product especially for medical applications. Applications include heart monitor (EKG) pads, orthopedic braces and athletic equipment cushioning.


Reilly Foam Corporation specializes in innovative solutions like Volara Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls. With advanced technology and expertise, they have established a niche in the competitive foam industry.

The Pinnacle of Foam Fabrication

At the core of Reilly Foam Corporation’s operations is a commitment to delivering high-quality foam solutions, best exemplified in their specialization with Volara. Recognized for its versatility and resilience, Volara is a testament to the company’s dedication to quality and ingenuity.

Why Volara Stands Out

Volara’s unique selling proposition lies in its distinctive closed-cell structure and robust exterior skin. These features not only contribute to its unmatched durability but also make it a versatile solution for various applications, particularly in the medical sector. The exceptional performance of Volara stands as a beaming testament to Reilly Foam Corporation’s continued innovation in the field of foam fabrication.

Applications of Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls (Volara)

This section aims to delve into the wide-ranging and practical applications of Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls, also known as Volara. From medical forefronts to diverse industries, Volara’s versatility has enabled it to become a sought-after material in various sectors.

Medical Advancements

Volara has proven to be instrumental in the medical field, owing to its unique features. The following points highlight its critical applications:

  • Heart Monitor (EKG) Pads: Volara’s robustness and reliability make it an ideal choice for critical applications such as EKG pads.
  • Orthopedic Braces: The durability and flexibility of Volara are leveraged in the construction of orthopedic braces, providing comfort and support to patients.
  • Medical Equipment Cushioning: Beyond these specific applications, Volara’s broader relevance lies in equipment cushioning, ensuring a safer and more comfortable patient experience.

Beyond Medical: Versatility of Volara

The applications of Volara extend beyond the medical sector, making it a versatile solution for various industries. Some of these include:

  • Automotive industry: Volara is used for insulation and cushioning purposes in the automotive industry.
  • Sports equipment: The robustness and resilience of Volara make it an ideal choice for padding in sports gear.
  • Cleaning and Filtration Sectors: Volara’s closed-cell structure makes it an excellent choice for applications in the cleaning and filtration sectors, a testament to the diversity of Reilly Foam Corporation’s industries.

Features of Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls (Volara)

The significant value proffered by Volara is rooted in its unique features and specifications, which set it apart in the foam fabrication industry.

Distinct Attributes and Specifications

Volara’s closed-cell structure contributes to its robust exterior, providing resistance to water, chemicals, and UV radiation. The material’s durability is further enhanced by its tightly compacted cells. Additionally, Volara is available in rolls up to 0.5 in thickness, offering flexibility for various applications. The roll form ensures easy transportation and storage, enhancing convenience. Volara’s pleasing tactile quality adds to its versatility, making it ideal for medical equipment cushioning and sports gear padding. These qualities make Volara highly regarded in the foam fabrication industry.

Why Choose Reilly Foam for Your Volara Needs?

Choosing Reilly Foam Corporation for your Volara needs translates to aligning with a company that stands on the pillars of quality, expertise, and precision. With a rich legacy and a broad spectrum of services, the company continues to innovate and exceed expectations in the foam fabrication industry.

A Legacy of Quality and Expertise

Reilly Foam Corporation has excelled in the foam fabrication industry for over 40 years, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. Its use of state-of-the-art equipment, modern technology, and high-quality Volara products highlights its pursuit of perfection, setting it apart in the industry.

Serving Diverse Industries with Precision

Reilly Foam Corporation specializes in producing Crosslinked Polyethylene Rolls (Volara) that serve a variety of industries, particularly medical, cleaning, and filtration. Their products, ranging from heart monitor pads to orthopedic braces and filtration aids, showcase the company’s versatility and commitment to quality across multiple sectors.

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Our goal at Reilly Foam is to recycle anything and everything that is not fabricated so it can go on to have a second life elsewhere. 100% of our scrap materials are collected and bailed together. We then send our scrap materials out, either back to our suppliers or to other companies that will take them to use in recycled products!

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