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Inking Foam Applications

Whether you are thinking of commercial documents or just crafts, foam ink pads for inkjet printers, stamps, or daubers are useful in a wide range of applications. All of these call for precision performance that ensures flawless print reproduction. But you need a reliable inking foam applications service provider to reap maximum benefits from your prints.

Some typical inking foam applications include:

Stamp Pad Inking Foam Applications

Stamp pads are a basic requirement in any organization, making this a versatile use of inking foam applications. Stamp pad users often assume that the foam in the ink pads is a mere absorbent material that is just a reservoir of the stamp ink. But ink pads are highly complex products, made precisely to allow accurate ink distribution.

Stamp pad foam is usually a high-density closed-cell PVC. Before stamp pads became popular, ink pads were mainly used in offices and businesses to stamp dates, signatures, labels, and logos and to authenticate official documents.

Stamp pads can be designed in small, flat tins or plastic cases with foam pads. This absorbent material stores the ink properly and for a long time. You can simply press the stamp onto the ink pad, and it will automatically transfer the ink evenly onto the design on the stamp. Stamping it onto a surface will then transfer the design onto it.

Inkjet Cartridge Foam

Inkjet printers are among the basic office utilities that produce the best quality and picture-perfect results. These printers are easier to use and the ink refill process is simple. The inkjet cartridge contains a specially designed foam, which acts as a reservoir and precisely distributes the ink.

Ranging from simple die-cut shapes to high-end 3D computer numerically controlled cutting and printing, we have uncoated and filmic foam products which allow smoother insertion into the cartridge with inking foam applications.

Inking Foam Applications with Daubers

Foam daubers are usually used to apply grimas liquid and water make-ups. They are ideal for stenciling make-up on make-up templates. The foam daubers are designed from handy thimbles with foam on top.

The foam used on such daubers is specially selected and fabricated using high-end technologies to ensure the best quality. Daubers for stamping also require specially fabricated ink pad foam to provide picture-perfect work. Such foams are designed by a team of engineers by carefully selecting quality materials for manufacturing ink pads for daubers.

Factors of Inking Foam Applications

At Reilly Foam Corporation, we carefully work and design inking foam application products with consideration of the requirements of our esteemed customers. Here are the important factors we strive to deliver:

Clean and Clear Inking Foams

Our team of experts works to manufacture ink pad foam products that will give you a perfect performance that suits your operational needs. Our ink pad foam products offer optimum ink storage capacity, with handling and ink distribution qualities tailored to meet the requirements of all your operations.

The team of experts strives to manufacture ink pad foams that offer optimal void volume based on the specific application to enable precise ink storage capacity in each ink pad, precise and uniform open-cell size to guarantee even distribution, narrow tolerance limits, and completely lint-free reproduction.

Quality Is Our Priority

Our operations are carefully executed using high-end technologies to deliver quality inking foam applications and products. We have a wide range of equipment and a team of highly skilled engineers who custom-fit tools to make ink pads designed specifically for your unique needs.

We can also manufacture customized foam products to meet your specifications while considering shape, density, size, and porosity.

Picture Perfection

Reilly Foam is widely recognized in the manufacture of precision-engineered ink pad foams. Our team of engineers boasts of the necessary expertise essential in ink pad production where precision is the key. We carefully consider all aspects of inking foam applications such as density and pore size.

We always ensure the best quality ink pad foams made from reticulated polyether and polyester materials. Our ink pad foams boast a full spectrum of pore sizes and density, among other key qualities.

Environment-Friendly Products

At Reilly Foam Corporation, we endeavor to keep the environment as safe as possible. As a result, we always manufacture inking foam applications that are safe for our customers and also the environment. Our team of experts is endowed with a wealth of experience and acknowledges the importance of producing ink pads that are non-contaminant.

Learn About Inking Foam Applications

Our company endeavors to manufacture quality inking foam applications that meet the needs of our customers. Clients who need specially designed ink pad foams can also contact us with specifications, as we are flexible enough to customize the products to meet the specific tasks intended for them.

At Reilly Foam Corporation, quality is guaranteed.  We exercise our expertise and offer a wide range of experience in the manufacturing of ink pad foams which gives our customers the best quality and is easier to use in a variety of applications. Contact us right away for more information or help.


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Our goal at Reilly Foam is to recycle anything and everything that is not fabricated so it can go on to have a second life elsewhere. 100% of our scrap materials are collected and bailed together. We then send our scrap materials out, either back to our suppliers or to other companies that will take them to use in recycled products!

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