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What Is Cellulose Sponge?

Cellulose sponge is by no means a new invention. First developed back in the 1940s, these sponges have been around in one form or another for decades. Now, though, they’re more popular, in-demand, and…

What Is Melamine Material?

While most people think of melamine material as something durable dishes designed for eating outdoors, picnicking, or even camping there is much more to this amazing material than dinnerware. In fact, melamine materials include…

What is Polyurethane Foam Used For?

In today’s world, it seems as if consumers have more products available to them than ever before. Once you start taking a closer look at many things, you’re likely to notice they are made…

Top Uses for Foam Products

Foam products have become ubiquitous in a number of applications. These products provide an affordable alternative to more costly natural fibers. At Reilly Foam we fabricate and customize foam products to suit a variety…

Polyurethane Foam Market Expects Huge Surge in Coming Years

Recent findings from the “One Component Polyurethane Foam Market – Global Forecast to 2022” has indicated that Polyurethane will experience record market growth through 2017 – 2022. “The one component polyurethane foam market is…


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Eco Friendly Policy

Our goal at Reilly Foam is to recycle anything and everything that is not fabricated so it can go on to have a second life elsewhere. 100% of our scrap materials are collected and bailed together. We then send our scrap materials out, either back to our suppliers or to other companies that will take them to use in recycled products!

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